November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

  • The real estate market in Palm Beach is stable and sales have picked up! Let me know what you are searching for in a home or condo and I will customize a search for you!

Multiple Offers on Homes are Now Common

April 1, 2011

I’ve been working with a number of Buyers these past months. If you thought you would get a bargain in Florida today, you will have to wait your turn. Buyers have come out in force because many prices have dropped to ridiculous numbers. What the Buyers don’t know is this, it’s a game! The lower the price goes, the more interested the Buyer. The listing agent for these homes collects the offers. When they have the highest and best, they submit to the Seller or Lender. The later being the usual case. Many Buyers will offer the asking price. Guess what? Too low. Of course it is, silly. The home now gets bid up and sells at a price much closer to its market value.

Prices seem to be stabilizing. By some predictions, next year might even be a Sellers market. When all I could say last year, ‘ It’s a Good time to Buy in Florida,’ it is! Prices on homes are the lowest in 10 years in many areas of the state. Sellers should be optimistic. The time on market is less than a year, and for more Sellers, six months is the norm.  If you’ve been following the advice of experts and getting your home updated with new materials, paint, and fresh landscape, you’ll have many more showings that will lead to a quicker sale.  Curb appeal gets Buyers through the door! Buyers are seriously out there and Sellers should be making any concessions they can, to move onward. You just can’t steal ’em any more.

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